Wholesale Technology Marketplace

MileRiver is a wholesale marketplace platform that connects schools and technology resellers with global buyers.  We help ITAD’s, recyclers, brokers and wholesale technology resellers directly connect with buyers.


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MileRiver Marketplace Platform

Grow your wholesale technology business

Buy surplus from schools

We have over 1,500 registered schools that have uploaded over 500,000 assets into their MileRiver inventory manager.  Once a school has approved their sale of surplus technology, you will have direct access to purchase these devices.

No buyer or seller premiums

MileRiver acts as the platform that connects buyers with sellers.  Once you have selected a winning bidder, you are connected directly to them to coordinate payment and logistics.  We do not collect fees or play any part in the transaction.

Sell on our global marketplace

We have hundreds of vendors registered on MileRiver.  They span across the entire United States and overseas.  When you create a marketplace listing, vendors will begin sending you offers to purchase your wholesale technology.

Create unlimited listings

We have no limitations to the amount of listings that you can create.  If you have the product, we can help you sell it across our large network of buyers.

1. Create a listing

Create a listing and begin receiving bids-to-buy back from our vendors.

2. Select the winning buyer

Review every bid directly within your sale page, and select the winning bidder of your choice.

3. Collect the payment directly

You will be connected with the selected buyer to coordinate payment and logistics.  We do not collect any buyer or seller fees. 

No Fees

Grow your wholesale business with MileRiver

  • Create unlimited listings
  • Hundreds of buyers to sell to
  • No buyer/seller premium on vendor to vendor sales
  • You collect the payment directly
  • Purchase directly from schools