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Here’s our mission: transform buyback in education into something good, something that provides actual value to a district.  We’ve designed MileRiver to help IT administrators recoup money for their Chromebooks and ensure every student has the most capable of devices at their fingertips.

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Our amazing team will ensure your district has everything it needs.

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We’ll send a team to your school to count, package and ship every single device 

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We’re Google Chrome experts who test, audit, and make payment the quickest

Forget Every Bad Story You’ve Heard About Buyback

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Let us craft the perfect quote for you. It couldn’t be easier, or faster.

How MileRiver Works

MileRiver reverses the traditional buyback model. We partner with school districts to make sure they recoup the funds necessary to ensure the most advanced and collaborative devices are in the hands of students.  With MileRiver, everything becomes simple and transparent.

What Schools Think

“Working with MileRiver has been great!  Their quote was easy to understand and their terms were very straightforward.  We were kept in the loop every step of the way.”

“MileRiver gives us completely free software to manage our IT assets and inventory.  We used to keep track of everything on a spreadsheet but now we don’t have to do that anymore”

“Free software and buyback services for our Chromebooks?  MileRiver has helped us keep our devices fresh and our students learning on the latest Google has to offer.”

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