Free inventory management and surplus marketplace for schools

Everything You Need For Free

MileRiver is completely free for schools because we collect fees from our marketplace vendors

Inventory Everything

From technology to equipment, if your schools owns it, MileRiver can track it.

Surplus Marketplace

When it comes time to recoup money for your surplus assets, our integrated surplus marketplace is the easiest way to increase the amount your school receives back by up to 70%.  We have over 300 registered buyers that will compete for your school surplus.

Total Visibility

Dive into individual asset data or report on your entire install base.  With MileRiver, everything you need is right in front of you. 

User Information

Assign users to your devices and keep track of them throughout the year.

Check in/out

Easily keep track of devices being loaned out to users for a short amount of time.  With our check in/out functionality, you can loan a device out and maintain a record of it until it has been checked back in.

Unlimited Inventory

There are no limits to the amount of inventory that you can add to MileRiver.

Leave spreadsheets behind

Are you one of the over 70% of districts that use spreadsheets to keep track of school inventory?  If so, MileRiver is the trusted and only completely free solution that’s making inventory on spreadsheets a thing of the past.  

100% Visibility

MileRiver was created with the sole mission of helping schools move off of spreadsheets and gain better insight into their inventory.

Registered Schools

Uploaded Assets

Total Billed to Schools

Surplus Marketplace

MileRiver makes it easy to recoup more money for your surplus and out-of-use assets.  With just a couple of clicks, you can select the inventory in MileRiver that you want to sell and immediately create a listing to sell it on marketplace.  Whether you need to run a timed auction or prefer to receive RFP bids back, MileRiver keeps everything neat and organized, all within your dashboard.   

Registered Surplus Buyers

"Keeping a spreadsheet updated and accurate was impossible for us. Since using MileRiver, we have been able to keep track of our iPads with ease"

– Bill Anderson, Technology Director

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