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MileRiver takes school inventory off of spreadsheets and turns it into actionable data.

With all of your inventory in one place, faculty, and staff can have the information they need, when they need it.

MileRiver is free inventory management for schools

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Keep your inventory up-to-date and accurate with the information you need to manage every school asset.  Track users, EOS dates, purchase order information and a lot more.



Our free cloud platform brings all of your inventory information together in one place. MileRiver makes it easy to manage through unparalleled visibility and planning tools.


When it comes time to sell your surplus school property like iPads or Chromebooks, you can create your sale all within MileRiver.  We collect the entire payment before the devices are removed.

Template-free, lightning-fast uploads

Our intelligence-driven uploader recognizes your fields and automatically maps them. 

All of your inventory, all in one place.

Actionable collaboration happens in MileRiver — organized inventory, easier decisions.

Refresh and Recoup with Marketplace

Get more money back to your school for surplus devices than ever before.

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