Lightweight Inventory manager for schools. 

We believe that your data is your data, that is why we built the MileRiver inventory management platform for schools.  No ads, no bloatware, no selling of your data, ever.

What you get with MileRiver

Everything you need, when you need it.

Inventory Everything

From technology to equipment, if your schools owns it, MileRiver can track it.

Complete Visibility

Dive into individual asset data or report on your entire install base.

One Click Upload

Go from Google Sheets to MileRiver in a single click!  No templates to download, ever.

User Information

Assign users to your devices and keep track of them throughout the year.

Check in/out

Easily keep track of devices being loaned out to users for a short amount of time.

Lightweight and fast

MileRiver is one of the fastest, most lightweight asset manager available to schools.

No more spreadsheets

The MileRiver inventory platform provides a single unified view of all of your school owned property.