Enabling IT administrators to track Chrome inventory and ensure that the most collaborative classroom devices are in the hands of students.

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We believe that every school should have access to the software and technology that they need to help spark creativity within every student.


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Leave spreadsheets behind

Are you one of the over 70% of districts that use spreadsheets to keep track of school inventory?  If so, MileRiver is the trusted and only completely free solution that’s making inventory on spreadsheets a thing of the past.  

100% Visibility

MileRiver was created with the sole mission of helping schools move off of spreadsheets and gain better insight into their inventory.

Technology Buyback & Disposition

From free on-site packing to best in class turnaround time, our technology buyback and disposition services are designed to ensure your organization recoups more for its IT assets that are no longer in use.

Touch-Free Logistics

Our team gathers, boxes, and ships all of your devices for free.

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We’re industry leaders when it comes to recouping value for our customers.

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Receive free access to our IT asset inventory management platform.

"Keeping a spreadsheet updated and accurate was impossible for us. Since using MileRiver, we have been able to keep track of our iPads with ease"

– Bill Anderson, Technology Director


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